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  1. He was on the outstroke when his cum exploded out of his cock, so the juice splattered all across his sister's tongue. When my fingers found her hole two of them worked their way to the first knuckle earning a sweet moan from my little slut.

  2. One Saturday afternoon while our toddler was napping, I lured my girlfriend into her bedroom and tried to seduce her. Tommy took the lead by grabbing his sister's head like he had seen Bill do to Susan, and then began to thrust in and out of her mouth.

  3. Dontcha think it would be easier just to let me in on the secret? Instead, mom looked down at the ground and asked if I would like to find out what dad was missing out on.

  4. I then went one step further and said that he is nuts for not wanting her because she is so beautiful and obviously liked to have sex. Bill sputtered and gagged on the great gouts of boy cum that spurted into his mouth.

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